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A Cricket Inside My Database

February 28, 2011 1 comment

A little while ago I was in my recording room working in a couple songs and since it was a hot-as-hell day (like many others in Brazil) I just got off of my chair to open every window, door and pretty much any other aperture available urging for some fresh air.

When I went back to my original place there he was: a giant brown cricket sitting on the top of my 12-string guitar’s hand. And man, the thing was “singing” at a massive volume level–to the point it could induce some brain melting issue if I stayed with him inside the same room for a longer time.

Well, I was about to lend him back to the banana plants behind my house when I came to think “why not take a shot of this nasty crooner?” lol… And then I picked my mic and stayed aside him waiting for the next wave. You can listen to it here:


Beautiful, isn’t it? :P But it was even more surprising to see the perfect sine wave that came from the guy:

Cricket Singing

Don't you dare to say it isn't beautiful.

After that I went outside with my guitar–and him, of course–and set it free in one piece.

What I say is we must stay alert to those apparently silly little opportunities. You never know when you’ll need a cricket sound effect–and actually I turned that one into a laser beam the other day. But that’s another story…


Starting the Blog Up: Building An Archive…

February 14, 2011 1 comment

Hi there folks! Just setting things up, my intention here is to share some soundtrack works from me as some eventual articles and other related stuff every Monday–stay tuned!

Starting with my first “virtual EP” from 2008, a tribute to Kinuyo Yamashita (AKA “James Banana”, who did the original Castlevania’s soundtrack) and Miles Davis–if he could play Harvest Moon. :P



Night and day, Castlevania and Harvest Moon...

Kinuyo Ne

So Walk

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