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An Oud! It Leads Me To the Arab Tone System, Which Leads Me To the Nahuand Melodic Mode, Which Leads Me To…

March 28, 2011 Leave a comment

You know, a new musical instrument can be a one-way ticket to a brave new world if you’re into doing some research and putting some effort to really understand it. Now just imagine how far that trip can lead when your new instrument is an Egyptian oud:

It's-A-me in the right! With the oud.

When it comes to such an exotic (at least for us Westerners) instrument you gotta start asking the basics: how do I tune it? :P And after that more and more questions will rise: ¬†oh, it has no frets? Hmm… Arab tone system… Cool, Nahuand melodic mode (thanks Sami Bordokan)… Sigh, it can’t stand Brazillian’s humidity levels…

You’ve got the picture already, don’t you? This won’t stop anytime soon. lol But for now I can say I’m starting to get the right feeling to it. Here’s a sample of a new melody from this humble student. ;)

Oud (sample)

Hope you like it, see you next week. ;)


Just a… Song.

March 22, 2011 1 comment

Well, even though I’m really aiming for something… background-wise when it comes to music I still write a proper song every now and then. I mean, with lyrics, chorus… lol But I wouldn’t share ’em here since nobody but me could understand Portuguese… and most of the (supposedly) great work with the words would be wasted with some poor translation.

Until now! When the time comes to write something… in English. And expose my overseas-bad-lyricist-self. lol
Just plain simple. Enjoy. ;)

Even So

I like to think I’ve got there just in time

(Even if it’s just my silly me)

I’d love to take her outside for a ride

(Even if I ain’t got no ride to roll)

Now even so…

If a silly man with no ride still can try…

Of course, I’d give it a go!

Sorry for the carefree recording, the bad pronunciation… and for the late lyrics changing. :P But you got the picture, I’m sure. Maybe a better arrangement should be made? Hmmm…

1, 2, Free!

March 14, 2011 1 comment

Just coming back with the full, final work from the last post. The show is not up yet but as soon as it goes live I’ll be back to share the link. Take a listen!

1, 2, Free (final)

Here we got those gaming references finally settled… Take some mushroom coins…

Doo-Dim! Doo-Dim!

and a… Baritone Pitfall death. -.-

Fowl... Fow-rew-fow... ReEeEeEew...

That small piece is a humble tribute to Dave Brubeck and especially Paul Desmond. Take a listen to the REAL thing.

See you next Monday!

WordPress Under DDoS Attack! (Sorry, I’m Late :P)

March 8, 2011 2 comments

Well, it’s Tuesday (I was meant to post something every Monday -.-) but WordPress was under a massive DDoS attack–whatever that REALLY means–and we’ve got some technical issues here. Also we’re in the middle of Carnival celebration here in Brazil and everyone’s schedules are pretty messed up. :lol:

This time I want to show a little piece of music I’m working on that will serve as an intro theme for a weekly videogames show on YouTube for a Gamespot mate.

The show’s provisional name is “1, 2, Free” and it will feature some nice finds on free games; which led me to two main guidelines for my composition:

1) I wanted to make something in a 3/4 time signature–for that I could take advantage of the “count” before the jam begins to be played;

2) I wanted to make fun with some game music/SFX.

So I came up with a place holder recording where I imagined a cool jazz band playing a main theme… but sometimes the musicians manage to fit those videogame pieces I talked about before in. Here it is (don’t laugh, I was just scatting like a silly man. :P)


Here I got placed two references from classic games: coins from Super Mario series in the middle (and they can be “tuned” to the theme’s key!) and the death sound from Pitfall (Atari’s 2600).

The recording is still to be completed (a baritone say will do the “death” lol) but you can get a feeling on how it will sound in the end–the coins are there already, courtesy of the virtual pianist. ;)


I hope you enjoyed this entry, next week I’ll come with that finished–if nothing weird happens, of course. :P

Meanwhile go watch this amazing clip from Nine Inch Nails, “Discipline”.

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