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Brand New EP! (Skipped One, But Still… :P)

June 27, 2011 1 comment

Hi there, how are you doing?

Last week I got a request on a new soundtrack job… And it couldn’t be more pleasant to do. It was a media campaign on traffic safety issues… But it was meant to be like a retro game! Like, “you don’t have lives to spare on real life” or something like that.

The video is yet to be ready but here you can take a listen to the tracks I’ve made for it. I’ve drawn my inspiration basically from the visuals of Excitebike (NES) to write a couple themes–one for a “start”, one main theme (that can be looped indefinitely), another loop for a “finish” and a “death” theme. lol

Despite being an apparently breeze-pace of a job it was a somewhat tough nut to crack since I had to build my own “NES 8-bit staccato” SoundFont library before even starting to work… Fun, but still effortful.

Here we go with the tracks (the EP is called “RetroBike”), I hope you enjoy it as much as I did while making it. :)

Have an awesome week, see ya!


Shostakovich: A Brave New World

June 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Hi there, good night, how are you doing?

As another part of my formerly-mentioned composition studies at OMiD we’re starting to give a couple classical pieces a critical listen for some analysis… And here’s the first one, Shostakovich’s String Quartet no. 8 in C minor, op. 110 (1.Mov.).

(Give it a listen on Kosice Quartet’s interpretation)

There’s so much to point here (sheet), but I can’t even start without mentioning his obsessive use of a “musical signature”, the DSCH motif. Putting it short “DSCH” stands for the compositor’s name in German musical notation, like “D. (Dimitri) Schostakovich”. Those letter translated to musical notes give you a somewhat somber sequence which permeate his entire work: D, E flat, C, B natural.

Another very interesting–and confusing–feature here is how it starts with an anacrusis in order to make you take some time to really get what is happening regarding rhythm.

And as the composition goes other sharp movements will continue to appear and turn things more and more interesting: an unexpected Db from the cello at bar 6 as the violins reveal its 3rd Major; an emotional F at bar 8 with a delayed 3rd Major as well; another strong harmonic point at 13 with a forced, natural signed E; followed by a complete abandon of harmonics from 16 on–since the melodic variations were already presented before and now can walk on their own legs…

Man, I didn’t even scratched the 1st minute. lol The 2nd movement is absolutely striking, but we all know there’s not a chance for me to get there here… :P Well, just give it all a listen, I have too much homework to do here. ;)

Good week, enjoy the music.


June 12, 2011 2 comments

Hi there, how you’re doing?

This time I’m here to share a couple musical studies from me, some from the “Free Composition Course” I’m attending to at OMiD, some made on my own.

The first one was a curious exercise where you must draw a project of a song BEFORE composing it. Here’s what I came up with:

Exercício Audiopartitura Prescritiva

Can you see the relationship between them?

And here’s another one: a duet of a violin and a flute which was greatly improved by my Master’s suggestions…

Hopeless (Sheet)

Hopeless (Take 1)

(That was before the modifications…)

And Hopeless (Final Take)

Some interesting tweaks were made regarding both execution (taking the last pizzicato note away to give the musician some time to shift to arco) and presentation (dragging the rest at the end of bar 18 to the beginning, for instance) of the piece.

If you want to hear some more just visit me here.

I would like to thank everbody at the couse, from the Master to the musicians to my classmates… Really, thanks everyone, I appreciate that. Tough but useful, necessary times. :P

See ya, good week!

An Old Song… Evolved.

June 5, 2011 1 comment

Going on with my overseas musical project–I won’t call it “British” anymore because I simply couldn’t manage to stay restricted to that lol– I’ll share anoher song here… But this one may sound familiar.  I’ve posted a sketch of it here a little while ago so you’ll have the opportunity to check out how the song’s arrangement has evolved ever since.

I went all the country way down with this one and that led me to ultimately add an excerpt of an awesome work from an Old-West poet, Mr. Arthur Chapman (check it out, it’s well worthy).

(I’m starting to grow annoyed by that gray cover all over here so this time I’ll post… The back-provisory-gray-cover instead. lol)

Even So

I like to think I’ve got there just in time
(Even if it’s just my silly me)
I’d love to take her outside for a ride
(Even if I ain’t got no ride to roll)

Now even so…
If a silly man with no ride still can try…
Of course, I’d give it a go!

“Out among the big things —
The skies that never end —
To lose a day ain’t nothin’,
The days are here to spend;
So why not give ‘em freely,
Enjoyin’ as we go?
I somehow can’t help thinkin’
The good Lord means life so.”

– Arthur Chapman

Enjoy it, see ya! ;)

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