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More Emotional Music. lol

September 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Hi there, how are you doing?

Just came by to share two new pieces from the latest crop of acoustic, FXed, emotional recordings. lol One of them works as a good-nightfalling wish (“Anoitecente”) and the other is about an indomitable desire to hit the road with no destination (“Pilgrimage”).

(One may notice “Pilgrimage” has the “72” number attached to it… That’s because I forgot to clean it up before uploading it to my SoundCloud profile. :P Yes, it’s the 72nd file in my sketches folder. lol)

See ya, good night!


Me and The Beatles

September 19, 2011 1 comment

Hi there, how are you all doing?

This week while talking to a girl who’s digging The Beatles deeper right now I was trying to recall my first impressions on the Fab Four. And it’s kinda funny to realize I’ve got to them by the back door…

Of course, I did listen to The Beatles from the day I was born just like pretty much everyone else: “Yesterday”, “Hey Jude”, “Help” and many others are simply part of pop culture for some time now and you just can’t avoid ’em–even if you wanted to. :P But the first time I really linked ’em to a song that caught my attention was around 1994 (I was fourteen) with the “missing tape” of “Free As A Bird”, which was followed by the hypnotic music video and the highly promoted “Anthology” collection release. The song has triggered some… I don’t really know, an… epic feeling inside me. It felt like something ethereal, otherworldly. Today I can recognize most of the “sources” to these feelings: the easy-going vocals, George’s slide, the 1½ raise in the music’s tone (from A to C)… But at the time it was only plain overwhelming.

You can easily imagine how I spent one of my first paychecks with the damn expensive Anthology 1 album after listening to that. lol And that’s how I got to love the Beatles apparently the wrong way, by listening to their B-Sides… Let me share my favorite ones here. :)

Obviously the formerly-cited “Free As A Bird”:

Three songs from their first audition for Deca Records: two lighthearted Coasters’ covers (“Three Cool Cats” and “The Sheik of Araby”) and the one that allowed me to see an unpredictable relationship between my deeply-rooted boleros and rock’n roll, “Like Dreamers Do”.

“Love Me Do” (which actually made me BUY a C harmonica just to learn it lol):

The prodigal–creativity wise–recording of “Please Please Me”:

And the punchy bassline in “I Saw Her Sanding There”, courtesy of Sir Paul McCartney–an easy choice for me for a favorite Beatle. lol

Of course, there’s plenty more to The Beatles. I’ve been discovering and re-discovering their gems since then (my favorite of all time is “Eleanor Rigby”, just in case you want to know) and what’s most amazing about The Beatles is that there’s REALLY something to everyone when you get to know them.

It’s just interesting to notice a 14-years old boy getting stomped by something despite being late 30 years–and feeling the same way other 14-years old boys/girls did at their own time.

See ya, have a nice week!

Guitar +Feelings +FXs…

September 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Hi there, how are you all doing?

Our family is been through a lot here lately and (without getting to the bottom of this) I must say I’m putting my “music as medicine” motto to work like I never did before. :P Thank God its helping to keep us all together. :)

Anyway I just wanted to share two tracks written recently with the same intent–a wish for a good dawn–in different days under diverse background feelings. They’re both played with acoustic guitars… but it’s been amusing to plug ’em to some FX pedals. lol

Enjoy the ride, see ya!

You Can’t Get More Brazillian Than This: Pandeiro!

September 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Hi there folks, how are you doing?

Just like I did a couple weeks ago with an alfaia I’m here to share another stereo recording of a percussion instrument: a pandeiro!


Despite being world-wide recognized as a samba instrument the pandeiro has been used in several cultural manifestations here in Brazil since it was brought by the Portuguese in its earlier forms.

With the alfaia–which was a bimembranophone percusion instrument–we got some unpredictable harmonics and a somewhat delayed natural reverb; now here we have a more compact, solid sound nevertheless having a nice mixing option when it comes to equalization.

In that former recording I posted a flat sample. With this one I decided to equalize it before making it available… So I could make it sound more “understandable” for people who doesn’t have a sound edition tool or something.

Enjoy it. Have a nice week!

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