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Way Too Derivative…

Hi there guys, how are you doing?

While nuzzling the SWU Brazillian Music Festival‘s lineup I recalled my first impression on Stone Temple Pilots the first time time they appeared: a sub-grunge-something. Of course, Plush was awesome, but Core (their ’92 debut album) just can’t survive a comparision to other contemporary bands–Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden or Alice in Chains–and I couldn’t help but thinking it was just… gold digging.

Anyway I decided to take a listen to their last album and get ready to change my mind and enjoy the show. But I laughed. lol Sorry, but it’s still the same old story… There’s nothing really original there and the derivation can even be blatant at times. I won’t make a video footage here because I lack the techniques to do that :P but I’ll feel free to point some recollections I had while listening to the album. It may sound like a rant but in fact it’s just funny. -.- See ya!

This chorus sounds just like the “Monkey see, monkey do” part of this (actually ig gets worst in the part that follows the chorus):

Another one:

Just like this:

This is a trickier one:

Just like this chorus:

And the last, a little more vague because I’m nasty. lol

Sounds like:

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