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Here We Go Talking Beatles Again… :)

January 30, 2012 3 comments

(and I say “again” because of this…)

Hi there, how are you all doing?

Last Saturday a student asked me about Ringo Starr as a drummer since Brazillian MTV has listed him among the top WORST drumers of all time. -.- Of course it’s just a case of raisin’ some controversy but I needed to prove my point…

So I got to my CD vault and grabbed the “1” album (a collection of an impressive amount of 27 songs that reached #1 in US/UK charts; it would be easier to find something in songs I knew he would recognize lol) and looked for proof. :)

And yes, there is something to be seen in that list. Despite John and Paul being such terrific song-writters and George being an awesome melody-maker, my bet is the first signs of novelty within The Beatles came from Ringo.

If you take the first 10 songs in the album (before the more serious “Yesterday”) is not hard to see Ringo being the tip of the spear among the Fab-Four when it comes to experimenting with unusual rhythmic cells for their time.

Take a listen to the breaks at the chorus of “She loves you”; or the unpredictable lead for “I feel fine”; or the fills in the intro of “Eight days a week”; or the underestimated richness spread all over “Ticket to ride”.

After that The Beatles flew above and beyond, of course, but I’m really sure that they wouldn’t be the same with Pete Best… :P Despite Ringo’s detractors he’s the forerunner in the revolution that was about to come.

See ya next week!


Two More Videogame Soundtracks On the Go!

January 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi there folks, how are you doing?

Another parcel from the opposite side of the world has reached me this week… with a couple beauties to provide me pleasure to the ears and trouble for the brain. lol The absolutely GORGEOUS soundtrack for Ōkami (PS2, Wii) and a collection of battle tracks from Square Enix’s early Nintendo years:

Square Battle Tracks Vol.1

Take this...



... and this!

Coincidentally the Square disc happens to have the exact track in which I’m working on for OCRemix (a jazzy “Battle”, from Chrono Trigger) and that will be a hell of a reference. :) Aside that I intend to review it just like I did with PPPPPP (OST of VVVVVV).

For now just take a listen to a couple samplers. :) See ya next week!

New Song, Half-Baked Video. lol

January 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi there guys, how are you all doing?

Here we go with the first proper post of 2012–the year also know as “Apocalypse Now”. -.- :P

What do you do when you get some nice vacation free time? Work, of course! lol Well, at least for me since I love music and thus I always get into many more projects than one should consider “safe”. -.- lol

Anyway here I came with another new song… I sad one, I dare to say. A friend of mine seriously recommended “( )”, a 2002 album from the Icelandic band Sigur Rós which is all written in Vonlenska, a ficticious language. Without lyrics (or language barriers, for that matter) in the way they managed to make a purely emotional album… And “emotional” here can be an understatement.

I read in an interview or something that the album has two halves, a “happy” and a “sad” one. But I can easily say it has a melancholic touch all over it that got me into a peculiar mood.

I wrote this lyrics (in my mind) while listening to the album. And I tried “singing” it (again, in my mind :P) over every incoming melody. In the end I had quite a lot of possible combinations to choose from for MY definitive melody. That is how it goes:

Let Me

Can't stand the eyes all over me.
Can't stand those fingers pointing at me.
Can't stand the lens looking at me
and the crackling sound
of a snapshot.

Turn off the lights--they're bugging me.
Shut the world up--I don't want to hear.
Turn of the tides rising the sea
drowning everything

May I go now?
Just let me.

Take a listen (or download it from the link “Cadastro” in the upper-right corner of this page)

Also, I did a little cut using a real video from them, for the song “Glósóli“. The original one is beautiful stuff, mine is just an homage. :)

Watch it here:

Have an awesome week, see ya next Monday!

Annual Report…

January 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi there, how are you all doing?

Starting another year, only the best for us all. :)

For this first (REAL lol) week I decide to make my WordPress Annual Report Public. Overall I’m plenty satisfied with the results–and surprised with some info–bu if I have a wish for this year is to get more comments. Althought I’m happy with the amount of visitors it would be fine to have some feedback to help me improving the content. Needless to say, feel free to comment this and any other post here. :)

Happy 2012, may it be an year of realization. ;)

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Brand New Day

January 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi there folks, how are you all doing? Happy New Year!

Not exactly a post here since I deserve a bit of a vacation… :P And I’m working on a Portuguese version for this blog starting next week. We’ll see. -.-

For now stay with this controversial but still amusing music video… Any way Sting rocks hard–even if The Police is still better. lol

See ya, take care!

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