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Both Emotional AND Compelling.

Hi there, how are you all doing?

This week while studying soundtrack crafts I noticed an interesting way to trigger a particular situation within a soundscape project: how to make something sound emotional without being necessarily quiet/introspective.

There are situations in life (or movies, or games for that matter) when you must push things forward even in a moment of sadness because there may be no time for the wounds to heal before acting. Here the soundtrack can be particularly helpfuf to keep the protagonist running despite the tears in their eyes…

My tip would be: in one hand, get a slow (I mean, with long notes), emotional (preferably minor) melody (choosing the right timbre would do miracles here too); in the other hand get a nice rhythmic cell to keep the wheels running.

Just got two wonderful examples on the matter. One is from the awesome theme for Blade Runner movie by Vangelis, where we got a strings synth doing the melodics while a synth bass coupled with the timpani keep the rhythm tight:

The same way we have one track from the huge library of Okami–a Capcom’s game released for PS and Wii. Here traditional percussion lay below wind instruments aiming for the heart:

I hope you like this, see ya next Monday!

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