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Arrangement Over Composition: Sometimes it Works Quite Well

September 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi there guys, how are you doing?

Most of the times I would rather go with a good composition than with a good arrangement… Because composing is a craft that leans toward creativity (which I prefer if you didn’t notice yet lol) while arranging leans toward technique (which is necessary but more… cold if I’m allowed to say that).

Regarding videogame soundtracks one of the franchises I always pay atention to is Castlevania. The very first installment in the series (back in the middle 80s) had some truly spetacular music (by Kinuyo Yamashita, AKA James Banana lol) that stood out because of its absurd diversity without departing from the strong terror and adventure mood required for such a game. And ever since it’s been like this; from the hardware limitations of the series’ beginnings until nowadays Castlevania music is all about composition over arrangement.

But curiously one of my favorite soundtracks in the saga takes the reverse route… and succeeds brilliantly. Dawn of Sorrows is the first Nintendo DS iteration and the arrangement job there to make the most of the music coming out from the tiny NDS speakers is simply superb. [ Cheers Masahiko Kimura San for that. ;) ]

Take these two nice examples: the first one is called “Condemned Tower” and takes advantage of an unpredictable triangle (percussion); the other sends me chills down the spine with its music box playing a devilish waltz and it’s called “Demon Guest House”. -.-

Take your time, enjoy!


A Battle Can Always Lead You To… Death. -.-

September 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi there guys, how are you doing?

Following the battle music for an indie game I did last week here’s the Game Over theme. Loosely related, but still in touch with the main thing. Enjoy it! :)

(gotta come up with a victory theme as well… lol)

More On the Indie Game Soundtrack… Battle!

September 10, 2012 1 comment

Hi there guys, how are you all doing?

That indie videogame project is still running full speed ahead and this week I needed to come up with a battle theme–which is the most important music in any RPG out there since you’ll be listening to it for a LONG, LONG gameplay time–dozens of hours, truth to be told. So I really took my time thinking about this one, listened to my references on the matter once again and decided to do something different.

Most RPGs have a single remarkable theme for all the regular battles along an entire game. Things usually change in boss battles and all, but the main theme remains the same. But our story here starts a little… to peaceful for that IMO. What’s the solution? To keep that early battles’ theme casseroling. lol It’s simple, I’ll save the possibilities of epicness for later battles–to be more accurate  from the first boss battle on.

Enough silly talk, take a listen and enjoy the ride. ;)

Brazillian Bolero: A Sample

September 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi there guys, how are you all doing?

This week we were doing a recording on an original song here at my home studio and I though it would be cool to share you a bit of a Brazillian bolero for you to take a listen. :)

This sample is made of three percussion instruments, one following the other: a pandeiro (our “tambourine”), a pirulito (a percussion lollipop lol) more to the right channel and a reco-reco (originally named “güiro” in Spanish) leaned to the left channel.

All that together make a solid rhythmic cell to back a nice Brazillian bolero up and each instrument fills its place perfectly to make something really bigger than the sum of the parts.

I hop you like it, see ya next Monday!

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