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Quick Fanfares in Games.

November 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi there how, are you all doing?

After much deliberation between me and my boss at that indie videogame project we finally nailed the fanfares for after-battles candy. :) Here’s one for the “victory” and another for a “level up”:

The problem was not to make the themes overly long without losing their appeal… And I must say I’ve drawn my influece to finish the job not from any RPG, but from Super Mario Galaxy 2. :) (despite not liking the game… -.-) That’s because SMG2 have SO many compliments to lend you after every level (coins, star, bits..) that it only can work well through very short themes… Even SFX.

My “level up” comes exactly from that, since my boss decided against showing stats going up after a battle. lol

That’s it for now, I hope you like it. :)


World of Goo Soundtrack: Nice AND Free. :)

November 19, 2012 1 comment

Hi there, how are you all doing?

Digging into videogames soundtracks this week (as always lol) I finally found Mr. Kyle Gabler’s portfolio. The guy is an all-around “entertainment designer” as he likes to call himself but what I really like from him is his work on World of Goo, an indie videogame which was praised everywhere for being so… Unique. :) (Actually I don’t really like the game that much, but anyway… The music is terrific.)

Well, Mr. Gabler was kind enough to make that soundtrack available for FREE. And with some valuable coments too.

It’s interesting to know the theme music for the game, “World of Goo Beginning” was inspired by Astor Piazola’s “Libertango”… Quite an interesting reference–it makes more sense now. lol Here you can give both tracks a listen:

Even more interesting than that was to hear that lots of tracks in the compilation WEREN’T really written for the game… It’s seems that a new coat of paint (like messing up with instrumentation/arrangements, for instance) can do wonders–I’m happier about building a portfolio now. :P

That’s it for now, enjoy the music, have a nice week!

(More) Feelings Turning Into Music.

November 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi there, how are you all doing?

Just like an older post on the matter I’m here to share a new recording filled with emotional significance to me. It’s like… seeing something you love going away while recognizing the good things it left behind. Not sure if the sound matches the feeling but it’s just the way it came out at the moment.

See ya, God bless us all.

Following the Last Post… lol A New Recording. :)

November 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi there, how are you all doing?

Just like promised last week here’s the recording I was talking about, “Frustração”. It’s part of my band’s (“Salvante Norte”) first EP, and it brings that… desolation feeling up to the table through the recording quality of the leading voice.

The track starts rather upbeat as the singer throws some crooner mood into the game… But the fake posture is truly revealed when all the other instruments stop and the voice is shown naked, just like it REALLY is (around 1:00 or so). The real sadness behind the song is there, unmasked.

I hope you can get the grab of it despite the lyrics in Portuguese–feel free to ask me about the meanings though. :P

See ya, have a nice week!

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