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Alien Chase On Arabian Desert!

March 25, 2013 Leave a comment

Hi there, how have you been?

This week I just want to share a spetacular track from a spetacular album I was lucky enough to give a listen a few days ago… It’s called “Alien Chase On Arabian Desert” (how awesome is that? lol) from “Splendido Hotel by Al Di Meola.

Recorded in 1980 the album has much more intricacy and colors than one could expect from a “regular” fusion album. What makes me happy while listening to it is to see how his music is more… leaned towards the ethnic, towards soundscapes. And by doing so it manages to be more varied and free. :)

Also if you’re a fan of Iron Maiden‘s Powerslave (below) you can have a hint on where that came from. ;)

That’s it, enjoy!


Schizophrenia… Or the Fear of It.

March 18, 2013 Leave a comment

Hi there, how are you doing?

This time I want to share a sketch of a schizophrenia song… I must confess I’m afraid of it hitting me at some point in my life so I must stay aware about that possibility. :P

I’ll do my best to translate the lyrics but the most important part is the “chorus” where dozens of voices flood the guy’s (me) mind.


Olho pro espelho, não é sempre que me reconheço nele.

Mesmo tendo tido tanto tempo ainda hoje vago a procurar

uma rota, uma passagem... um lugar aonde não se perca mais.

Uma grama, um grão de areia, um conta-gotas:

some a cada instante mais um pouco de mim.

[every time I REALLY realize that I'm alive my heart skips a beat]

[como uma gota que cai de um beiral depois do orvalho da manhã...]

[ゴメンナサイ。 すみません。]

[it's all about rhythm... and poetry.]


I look at the mirror... Sometimes I just don't recognize myself.

Even after happening to have had enough time I still wander looking for

a route, a passage... a place where I don't lose myself anymore.

One ounce, one grain of sand, a dropper:

at every passing moment some of me vanishes.

Have a Nice Dream, Little Nemo. :)

March 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Hi there, how have you been?

Further with my commented portfolio this time I want to share a track called “Have a Nice Dream, Little Nemo”. It’s based on the NES videogame from the 90s, which is based upon the strip comincs from the 10s. :P Both tell the story of a boy who lives the most exciting life in Dreamland just to discover in the end he was dreaming…

The piece here starts with a music box–a fitting choice for a slumber theme–but then develops towards a more sentimental path thanks to the powerful timbres of the oboe and a couple strings.

It’s more about… missing Dreamland when the dream ends, I guess.

I hope you like it, enjoy!


March 4, 2013 Leave a comment

Hi there, how are you going?

I’m just bluesy as hell today, so I’ll present my feelings through someone who can say it better than me. :(

See ya, take care.

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