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Intouchables: A French Soundtrack

August 26, 2013 2 comments

Hi there, how are you all doing?

This week I watched a nice French comedy/drama movie called The Intouchables. A beautiful story, depite being told in a bit of a Hollywoodian mood–but still fresh for NOT being American, I guess. :) Anyway–as always–I want to talk about the soundtrack…

Intouchables Soundtrack

Mr. Ludovico Einaudi–the composer–made the clever choice of borrowing influences from French romantic composers like Chopin to craft a brand new OST while keeping some emotional attachment to it–as if the new themes ring an old bell within the minds of the viewers. The American licensed R&B don’t hurt the selection a bit too. :)

Check this sample, watch the movie and grab the entire soundtrack if you like it. :)

See ya, take care!


A Quick Tip On SoundFont Tweaking

August 19, 2013 Leave a comment

Hi there, how have you been?

This week I had a terrible time with some nasty SoundFont issues while programming a new development in an old theme (which I intend to share here anytime soon) and I decided to give you guys a heads up on tips in case you stumble upon something alike–I hope not, but anyways… :P

Troubleshooting :)

What I had: a strings orchestra section ready to go.

What I needed to add: some classical percussion like timpani, chimes and a triangle.

What happened: some RANDOM timpani disappearing at every new play.

Verdict: after many hours working on it I figured out that the matter was the LENGHT of the timpani sample. The decay time (even if I couldn’t hear it) was somewhere around 40 SECONDS… Which resulted in previous timpani “tails” (like comet’s lol) overwriting others yet to come and overloading my RAM memory–leading me to the nasty random skipping.

Solution: well, the easy way would be find another sample (a shorter one) or making an entirely new one. But there is something you can still do without losing ANY quality of your sample while improving performance. Here it is:


This is Vienna, a free Creative SoundFont editor. Loading your SF bank in there will allow you to tweak several parameters, includin the one I’m talking about: “Release” time. If you can shorten this that will make the sound “die” sooner as you end a given note… :)


Beware that depending on how deep you are in the file’s tree you won’t be able to mess with it due to this “X” in the unit field. Dig deeper to the bottom of the file. :)

I hope that may have helped you in some way, good luck with your producions!

See ya, take care!


Alaska Music!

August 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Hi there, how have you been?

This week I’ll share a quick post once again from Paste Magazine on Alaska bands… Aside being an interesting point in itself those are actually great bands, well worthy of your time. :)

Paste Magazine

Take your time, enjoy it and have an awesome (wonderfully scored) week!

Sinatra, the Man with the Golden Arm

August 5, 2013 Leave a comment

Hi there, how have you been?

Last week I was reading about the prominent movies composer Elmer Bernstein and decided to watch a film scored by him: The Man with the Golden Arm (1955, Frank Sinatra). The peculiar thing about this score is it was a forerunner in using jazz music as the main resource for composing themes–which in some ways is a safe bet since the plot places Sinatra as an ex-addicted who wants to start a career as a drummer.

But the shiny part of this work is how the main… nasty theme is twisted when things don’t go well for Frankie (yeah, he’s still Frankie in the movie).

Sinatra's unmistakable look.

The Man with the Golden Arm


I do recommend you watch the movie but if you only want to know something about the soundtrack here’s a rather impressive scene showing the first fall from the main character. In only four minutes (from 0.36:20 to 0.40:20) the theme is dragged into a whirlpool of pain and is spit back only to remind you of how devastating can such feelings be.

Without further ado, take a watch. ;)

See ya, take care!

The opening sequence (with the complete main theme):

Twist scene:

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