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Learning ChucK

November 18, 2013 Leave a comment

Hi there, how have you been?

These are little assignments I did for a ChucK (music programming language) course at Calarts through Coursera. :) I hope you like it!


Anamanaguchi: Kickstarter

Hi there, how have you been?

This week I just want to share the Kickstarter project for the new Anamanaguchi’s album. I think they’re weird, creepy, spooky, maybe annoying… lol But I can’t help but LIKING their music, and that’s what really matters in the end of the day.

Those guys work with old-school videogame systems (NES, Game Boy) no create new, original pop music… To a GREAT resul IMMO. If you’re still on the fence check this out and come back to tell me. :P

That’s it for now, have a nice week and help those kids if you like ’em. :)


You can’t get more awesome than that… *-*

Electro-Chiptune-Remix. -.-

Hi there, how are you all doing?

This time I’m here to share something nobody (not even myself lol) would expect coming from me: an electro remix! o.o

But there was a good reason for that. The chiptune master Dj CUTMAN has opened a contest for a remix over a song from him (+ Benjamin Briggs) based upon an old lost NES game, MIG-29. And the prize was the very cartridge and a Power Glove! *-* I had to try, even being a novice in the matter.

Despite not having any chance against tougher guys I’m very pleased with the results. I think it ended being a nice theme to give a listen to and it has its fair share of personality as well.

Take a listen to both the original and my version of the theme and enjoy it! :)

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends. :)

June 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi there, how are you all doing?

Remember a little space-retro-theme I shared a couple weeks ago? Well, it was qualified for getting into a game music contest hosted by our Brazillian MTV! :) If you’re feeling particularly kind today–and if you believe the work is good, of course–I would like to ask you a precious vote for me to get past the first level of the competition… and at least be heard by the technical judges in whatever comes next. -.-

GMB (Game Music Brasil)

Here’s the theme (now properly looped). Use the “votar” button, complete the form w/ your e-mail address then use the validation link when it arrives at your inbox. Deeeeply thankful I will be. o.o

See ya next Monday!

More On That Indie Soundtrack…

May 28, 2012 1 comment

Hi there, how are you all doing?

A follow up to the first theme composed for “Choco the Hunter”–an indie game under development–here’s the track for the space level! As usual, a small placeholder and the full track. :)

I hope you like it, see ya!



PPPPPP (VVVVVV Soundtrack) Review

December 5, 2011 1 comment

Hi there, how are you all doing?

Last week I taked about an awesome bundle of indie videogames soundtracks, so I’ve been mired in new stuff to listen… lol For now I would like to share a review in one of those works, PPPPPP–the OST for VVVVVV, an interesting indie hardcore-retro 2D platformer from Terry Cavanagh WELL worthy of your time.


I hope you like it, I intend to come back with some more as a listen to the downloads–and play the games, of course. :)

See ya!



PPPPPP (the original soundtrack for VVVVVV) does a great job pushing the player towards the quick action-packed gameplay overall feeling… but it can’t quite survive as a standalone music product. There are some good features in this techno/pop/retro work like the always-solid basslines and the ubiquitous (and put to a good use, giving it the main line for a personality) pitch bender, but there are only a couple memorable melodies there really able to stick to the listener.

Some good examples are the lovely “Passion for Exploring“, the cheering vignette “Path Complete”, the perfectly-paded “Potential For Anything” and the remarkable “Pushing Onwards” (even if SoulEye relies a bit too much on this one by reusing it in “Positive Force” and “Reversed”). The addition of a cute/funny regular song (“Waiting for VVVVVV”) makes it for a nice wrap-up on the work but we can’t say it’s really surprising–blame Portal’s “Still Alive” on that. :P

Also the price tag (US$10) for the download is way too steep since the game itself costs about 5 bucks on Steam.

In the end PPPPPP is a good OST that works better in-game than outside it–and is a little too hard on your money for its own good.

Score: 7.0

Top 5 #2: Best Videogames Repetitive Battle Music

October 24, 2011 3 comments

Hi there, how are you doing?

Just to follow my previous post here is another top 5 list formerly published at Gamespot regarding videogame music. Enjoy!

I’ve been into a lot of research on how to make loop music without being annoying (oh Hotel Dusk, I love you so much…) and that led me to another Top 5, another one that’s (game)music related. I just can’t help myself… :P

#5: Summon Night: Swordcraft Story (GBA)

This game deserves a place in this list because… It managed to stuck the battle theme to my head even if I DIDN’T really played the game. I just listened to it while my (ex)wife was playing and still I’m not able to forget it.

#4: Yie Ar Kung-Fu (NES)

Yie Ar Kung-Fu is a quite simple arcade port from the NES early days with a single battle music for all levels – which are infinite since the game will start over again after you beat it just with different colors for the backgrounds. What can I say about this theme? The Xmas night my mother gave me a Dynavision II (a Brazillian NES which came with Yie Ar Kung Fu) I played the entire night until the score exploded into 999,999. And I STILL like the in-game music. It’s a little too much cliche using those eastern melodic modes but it worked quite well anyways.

#3: Final Fantasy (NES)

Grinding… in… the desert. Oh my. The music is great though despite of the weird (due to arrangement technical limitations at the time) gap between parts A and B in the theme.

#2: Ninja Gaiden (NES)

The game that almost made me cry. I’m ashamed to say that even after 20 years I can’t beat the last freaking boss. And the fact that the game is not an RPG or a fighting game shows well how many times I’ve listened to that theme.

#1: Chrono Trigger (SNES)

There’s not much to talk about this one, it’s just plain awesome. I still catch myself whistling this while walking the streets every now and then. And the timbres are perfectly choosen as well.

Have a nice week, see ya next time!

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