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Space Sketch. :)

September 2, 2013 Leave a comment

Hi there, how have you all been?

This week I want to share a quick recording on a space-theme idea… I’ve been digging making acoustic takes drenched in late-FXs for some time now, this one isn’t different. :)

(Pick this image because I suddenly recalled I used to love those NASA logos when I was a kid… *-*)

NASA Voyager

That’s it for now, I hope you like it. See ya!


Here Is My Music Portfolio, Nice To Meet You. :) Happy New Year!

January 7, 2013 5 comments

Hi there people, how have you been?

Well, another year has started and I can’t wait to do more and more works on soundtrack music!

For that I’ll start sharing a nice portfolio of things I did before and here I’m hoping I’ll have even more opportunities this time around. Enjoy it!

Shine, new year!

Shine, new year!


June 12, 2011 2 comments

Hi there, how you’re doing?

This time I’m here to share a couple musical studies from me, some from the “Free Composition Course” I’m attending to at OMiD, some made on my own.

The first one was a curious exercise where you must draw a project of a song BEFORE composing it. Here’s what I came up with:

ExercĂ­cio Audiopartitura Prescritiva

Can you see the relationship between them?

And here’s another one: a duet of a violin and a flute which was greatly improved by my Master’s suggestions…

Hopeless (Sheet)

Hopeless (Take 1)

(That was before the modifications…)

And Hopeless (Final Take)

Some interesting tweaks were made regarding both execution (taking the last pizzicato note away to give the musician some time to shift to arco) and presentation (dragging the rest at the end of bar 18 to the beginning, for instance) of the piece.

If you want to hear some more just visit me here.

I would like to thank everbody at the couse, from the Master to the musicians to my classmates… Really, thanks everyone, I appreciate that. Tough but useful, necessary times. :P

See ya, good week!

1, 2, Free!

March 14, 2011 1 comment

Just coming back with the full, final work from the last post. The show is not up yet but as soon as it goes live I’ll be back to share the link. Take a listen!

1, 2, Free (final)

Here we got those gaming references finally settled… Take some mushroom coins…

Doo-Dim! Doo-Dim!

and a… Baritone Pitfall death. -.-

Fowl... Fow-rew-fow... ReEeEeEew...

That small piece is a humble tribute to Dave Brubeck and especially Paul Desmond. Take a listen to the REAL thing.

See you next Monday!

WordPress Under DDoS Attack! (Sorry, I’m Late :P)

March 8, 2011 2 comments

Well, it’s Tuesday (I was meant to post something every Monday -.-) but WordPress was under a massive DDoS attack–whatever that REALLY means–and we’ve got some technical issues here. Also we’re in the middle of Carnival celebration here in Brazil and everyone’s schedules are pretty messed up. :lol:

This time I want to show a little piece of music I’m working on that will serve as an intro theme for a weekly videogames show on YouTube for a Gamespot mate.

The show’s provisional name is “1, 2, Free” and it will feature some nice finds on free games; which led me to two main guidelines for my composition:

1) I wanted to make something in a 3/4 time signature–for that I could take advantage of the “count” before the jam begins to be played;

2) I wanted to make fun with some game music/SFX.

So I came up with a place holder recording where I imagined a cool jazz band playing a main theme… but sometimes the musicians manage to fit those videogame pieces I talked about before in. Here it is (don’t laugh, I was just scatting like a silly man. :P)


Here I got placed two references from classic games: coins from Super Mario series in the middle (and they can be “tuned” to the theme’s key!) and the death sound from Pitfall (Atari’s 2600).

The recording is still to be completed (a baritone say will do the “death” lol) but you can get a feeling on how it will sound in the end–the coins are there already, courtesy of the virtual pianist. ;)


I hope you enjoyed this entry, next week I’ll come with that finished–if nothing weird happens, of course. :P

Meanwhile go watch this amazing clip from Nine Inch Nails, “Discipline”.

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