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The Perfect Songwritter and His Ideal Interpreter

March 11, 2014 Leave a comment

Hi there, how have you been?

After recalling the interesting soundtrack for Allen’s Midnight in Paris and giving it another listen I couldn’t help being knocked back by Mr. Cole Porter once again. It’s still shocking for me to realize how absurdly rich in content his lyrics were even when restrained–no, I should say potentized–by nothing less than impeccable metrics and intonation. What saddens me is to see people these days emulating that sonority by simply being mellow without getting even close to the real thing when it comes to words, packing nostalgia in a goofy wrapper as if it was always like that. But that’s not my point, actually. :P

My point is… Man, songs can get heavenly (or hellish, if we take malice into account lol) when you got such a voice to bear ’em. If you really want to dig Cole Porter go straight to Ella Fitzgerald‘s songbook:


The otherwordly instrument she had at disposal was the perfect way for every hidden secret inside those songs to unfold. The tremolo, the breathing, the glissandos, the sudden drops… Everything matches the needs of each song–without losing a single hair of fun in the way.

Take my favourite one from that batch, “Let’s Do It“, which can be proud of showing lyrics like this:

Romantic sponges, they say, do it
Oysters down in oyster bay do it
Let's do it, let's fall in love

Cold Cape Cod clams, 'gainst their wish, do it
Even lazy jellyfish, do it
Let's do it, let's fall in love

See ya, take care!


An Old Forgotten Song…

October 7, 2013 1 comment

Hi there, how have you been?

Just dug up an old song which was written to be performed by a band but such thing never happened. lol The concept is to use some endless lyrics–by tying the final and the first verses together–while adding instruments to the mix progressively.

I hope you like it, undestanding Portuguese or not. ;) See ya!

I could take you
somewhere far from here,
I would say: "I'm already
ready to go.
No need to ask,
I'm not frightened by deciding.
(Almost nothing to take with,
only recollections of what I've seen...)"
But if you turn me down
I stop and ask myself...

New Song–Text Over Music This Time.

Hi there, how have you been?

A couple weeks ago I listened to an interview with the Brazillian songwriter Djavan and it was shocking to hear about his composition process. He said that as the voice usually is the last thing to be recorded in an album he makes all the instrumental work first; and WHILE the songs are being recorded he starts writing the lyrics. O.O

That’s an absurd due to how high Djavan sets the bar for his lyrics… and for showing how confident he is when it comes to his creativity. :P

Anyway I tried something like that as an exercise for me–without the pressure, the deadlines, of course lol–and came up with this:

The lyrics are much better in Portuguese but I’ll translate ’em anyway. ;)

See ya, have an awesome week!

Lost and Found

To know:
The "Lost and Found" bill
includes a dress
and what would be a pair of gloves
(if it's the case of the other hand appears).

- Couple's hammock;
- Cups (three all the same);
- An ambergris censer.

Yet to be found:
A record player; a bookmark;
a curtain; a glass jar;
and a mother-of-pearl'd jewel case

- Pics of Paris;
- Letters (a chest);
Useless things.

Turning a Poem Into a Song

April 4, 2011 Leave a comment

One of the things I like most when it comes to creating music is to make poems become songs. I do it all the time, sometimes as a technical challenge, sometimes for fun, sometimes because I just can’t avoid listening to a melody inside my head while reading. lol

But a couple weeks ago I received a special bunch of them from a friend who just started to write. And I must say her job is absoutely awesome–and it’s even more impressive when you come to think about her inexperience in writing… Until now. I’m really expecting to read more and more from her.

But… For now I’m here to share a specific piece of poetry that I started to work in and to show my process while doing it. This is “The ‘T’ Poem” from Andréia Gusmão de Carvalho:

The “T” poem

There’s a secret between us.

Thoughts that can not be revealed

Tell me, please


Tell me what the tarot card said even not believing in it

Teach me how to erase this invisible tattoo on my skin

Tea break…the tea cloth is dirty the side you ate, but you were not there


Tell me why it happened

Time passes by

The tequila is on my side

This terrible pain is suffocating me

There’s no theme song, just the sound of the rain

Till now no courage to start drinking

Tipsy? This is what I want to be

Today, tonight, tomorrow…

Totally devastated

Try not to treat me this way

The more you do it, the more I think of you

Today is Monday…

Well, when I’ve read it for the first time I spoted two “dots” marking connection points that gave me a reference for what I should seek later:

“Tea break…the tea cloth is dirty the side you ate, but you were not there”

“Break” and “ate” could be potential marks for my metrics… As long as I could manage to extend the first half (“Tea break…”) to fill a bigger gap within the melody. And so that was done.

In the second verse of my choice I decided to toy with the rhythm a little… And I did somewhat of a table tennis with words. lol

“There’s no



just the


of the rain”

For the final section I wanted to use a whole piece of text for a cohesive conclusion… But still I needed some “marks” just like the previous verses:

Tipsy? This is what I want to be

Today, tonight, tomorrow…

Totally devastated

Try not to treat me this way

The more you do it, the more I think of you

Today is Monday…”

And that wraps up my process here. Much more easier to give it a listen to figure it all out, isn’t it? Here you got some sketch and we’re done here. ;)

The “T” Poem (sketch)

Hope you had enjoyed it, see you next week!

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