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Learning ChucK

November 18, 2013 Leave a comment

Hi there, how have you been?

These are little assignments I did for a ChucK (music programming language) course at Calarts through Coursera. :) I hope you like it!


Anamanaguchi: Kickstarter

Hi there, how have you been?

This week I just want to share the Kickstarter project for the new Anamanaguchi’s album. I think they’re weird, creepy, spooky, maybe annoying… lol But I can’t help but LIKING their music, and that’s what really matters in the end of the day.

Those guys work with old-school videogame systems (NES, Game Boy) no create new, original pop music… To a GREAT resul IMMO. If you’re still on the fence check this out and come back to tell me. :P

That’s it for now, have a nice week and help those kids if you like ’em. :)


You can’t get more awesome than that… *-*

Daft Punk and the New Soundtrack For TRON

This weekend I watched the recent TRON rehash while giving the soundtrack some deserved attention… :P And I must say I liked that Daft Punk work a lot.

In my opinion what’s most interesting about this OST is they managed to drink in some practically unavoidable sci-fi references–mostly from Blade Runner, indisputably–while not losing their personal touch and making it more… modern. (If I can say such a thing of some futuristic music. lol)

Let’s take a look at some of those peculiar features. :)

1) The tribute to the past is paid mostly through the timbers. Synths, fake strings and retro blips get that part of the job easily done.

2) The tension is kept up by the usage of some “echoing” tricks, just like Vangelis did with Blade Runner’s main theme. That can be done with plain delays or with more “filling” in the strings strikes, for example… Even when the tempo is slow that will work it out.

3) Being modern by being punchy. This is what differs this work from any other old-school futuristic theme: the ability of being concise. Or… modern. :)

That’s it for the week, enjoy the music and let me know: do you think this OST can become a classic 20 years from now?

See ya, have an awesome week!

Have a Nice Dream, Little Nemo. :)

March 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Hi there, how have you been?

Further with my commented portfolio┬áthis time I want to share a track called “Have a Nice Dream, Little Nemo”. It’s based on the NES videogame from the 90s, which is based upon the strip comincs from the 10s. :P Both tell the story of a boy who lives the most exciting life in Dreamland just to discover in the end he was dreaming…

The piece here starts with a music box–a fitting choice for a slumber theme–but then develops towards a more sentimental path thanks to the powerful timbres of the oboe and a couple strings.

It’s more about… missing Dreamland when the dream ends, I guess.

I hope you like it, enjoy!

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends. :)

June 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi there, how are you all doing?

Remember a little space-retro-theme I shared a couple weeks ago? Well, it was qualified for getting into a game music contest hosted by our Brazillian MTV! :) If you’re feeling particularly kind today–and if you believe the work is good, of course–I would like to ask you a precious vote for me to get past the first level of the competition… and at least be heard by the technical judges in whatever comes next. -.-

GMB (Game Music Brasil)

Here’s the theme (now properly looped). Use the “votar” button, complete the form w/ your e-mail address then use the validation link when it arrives at your inbox. Deeeeply thankful I will be. o.o

See ya next Monday!

More On That Indie Soundtrack…

May 28, 2012 1 comment

Hi there, how are you all doing?

A follow up to the first theme composed for “Choco the Hunter”–an indie game under development–here’s the track for the space level! As usual, a small placeholder and the full track. :)

I hope you like it, see ya!



New Indie Retro Soundtrack… On the Go!

May 7, 2012 1 comment

Hi there, how are you all doing?

This week I had the good fortune of being contacted by some indie developers to work in an indie-retro soundtrack! Just my type of stuff if you want to know. -.- So, based in a couple animation sprites and sketches of levels (the game is a shooter) I wrote a placeholder piece fo a start then developed it a little more to get to a full loopable theme. Let’s see where it’s going… :)



See ya!


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