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12 Years A Slave: Sound Design

March 18, 2014 Leave a comment

Hi there, how have you all been?

First of all I must state it makes me sad to belong mankind. Of course, the movie brings nothing new to the table, but facing the fact we can (still nowadays, mind you) be so absurdly grotesque to each other kills a part of me everytime I do it.

That said…

12 Years a Slave

Aside the story, the brutality itself and the strong acting what really makes the movie land its punches in my modest opinion is the sound design–even more than the music score, which would be a more usual emotional artifice in that regard.

Music in such a movie can become a cheap trick if misused; the strenght needed to pass the feelings on lies on being realistic, in… immersing the spectator in sorrow. Seeing blood spilling can be shocking for sure, but hearing whiplashes tearing flesh apart is just plain terrifying–more than anything else. And there’s plenty of loud-and-clear pain to be heard here.

Here’s a trailer but that doesn’t do the sound design any justice, really. I hope you watch the movie and, aside taking technical┬ánotes, it serves the purpose of making you ponder on everyone’s deeds and how to make things better for generations to come.

See ya, yake care.


Making Original Sound Effects Is Fun As Hell. :P

June 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi there, how are you all doing?

A friend of mine who works with video editing asked me to help him to make a sound design project for a short institutional movie. Despite not having any experience (so far) on the area I decided to take it for the sake of learning something… and I must say it’s as laborious as it’s fun. :)

Looking at the silent screen while people come and go, objects move, winds blow makes you play an internal symphony inside your head and start imagining how every single thing needs to sound to be… believable.

Here are my first captures: the sound of someone writing (used a soft pencil for the “hiss” and the mic sat at the desk for the lows), a “pop” for flowers sprouting (just my mouth lol) and a carillon (w/ reverb) for a… flying unicorn. -.-

Here is the reference video–for what the client aimed for–and my under-construction set. Enjoy it!

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