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John Williams Gave Me a Hard Time Sleeping. lol

August 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi there, how are you doing?

Last week I mentioned my studies on the soundtrack for Tintin by Mr. John Williams… Well, and I must say I couldn’t really put my brain to rest after watching the movie. lol The intrincate rhythmic cells and timbres palettes made my mind work even if I didn’t want to… :P

When I woke up I finally managed to figure my theme out and recorded a short sketch. :) The bar notation is 7/8, and the piano works in an ostinatum–kind of an obsession of some sort. lol I hope you like it!

See ya!

Electro-Chiptune-Remix. -.-

Hi there, how are you all doing?

This time I’m here to share something nobody (not even myself lol) would expect coming from me: an electro remix! o.o

But there was a good reason for that. The chiptune master Dj CUTMAN has opened a contest for a remix over a song from him (+ Benjamin Briggs) based upon an old lost NES game, MIG-29. And the prize was the very cartridge and a Power Glove! *-* I had to try, even being a novice in the matter.

Despite not having any chance against tougher guys I’m very pleased with the results. I think it ended being a nice theme to give a listen to and it has its fair share of personality as well.

Take a listen to both the original and my version of the theme and enjoy it! :)

(Late) New Song.

June 13, 2012 4 comments

Hi there, how are you all doing?

Sorry for being two days late, my health has been tricking me lately–seriously. -.-

Here’s a little song based upon some readings on Buddhism. I’m always interested in religions and spirituality and I’m still looking for my own way.

Unfortunately the lyrics are in Portuguese so I’ll try some rough translation here–you know how poetry can get lost in those cases. :P

See ya, I hope you like it. :)

Pequeno Mantra

Pr'uma alma sã, há que se esvaziar.
A cada manhã, mais um desapegar.

Pr'uma vida em paz: na sala, pouca luz;
se poupar a voz; o respirar da vez.

Tiny Mantra

For a healthy soul one must become empty.
Every morning a new detachment.

For a peaceful life: a low-light room;
sparing the voice; the current breath.

New Song, Half-Baked Video. lol

January 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi there guys, how are you all doing?

Here we go with the first proper post of 2012–the year also know as “Apocalypse Now”. -.- :P

What do you do when you get some nice vacation free time? Work, of course! lol Well, at least for me since I love music and thus I always get into many more projects than one should consider “safe”. -.- lol

Anyway here I came with another new song… I sad one, I dare to say. A friend of mine seriously recommended “( )”, a 2002 album from the Icelandic band Sigur Rós which is all written in Vonlenska, a ficticious language. Without lyrics (or language barriers, for that matter) in the way they managed to make a purely emotional album… And “emotional” here can be an understatement.

I read in an interview or something that the album has two halves, a “happy” and a “sad” one. But I can easily say it has a melancholic touch all over it that got me into a peculiar mood.

I wrote this lyrics (in my mind) while listening to the album. And I tried “singing” it (again, in my mind :P) over every incoming melody. In the end I had quite a lot of possible combinations to choose from for MY definitive melody. That is how it goes:

Let Me

Can't stand the eyes all over me.
Can't stand those fingers pointing at me.
Can't stand the lens looking at me
and the crackling sound
of a snapshot.

Turn off the lights--they're bugging me.
Shut the world up--I don't want to hear.
Turn of the tides rising the sea
drowning everything

May I go now?
Just let me.

Take a listen (or download it from the link “Cadastro” in the upper-right corner of this page)

Also, I did a little cut using a real video from them, for the song “Glósóli“. The original one is beautiful stuff, mine is just an homage. :)

Watch it here:

Have an awesome week, see ya next Monday!

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